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8427-36X3.2 FMGR-FLMA

8427-36X3.2 FMGR-FLMA

(Excl. btw)
: 8427-36X3.2

ESD VINYL TILE, DISSIPATIVE, REV BLACK, 3.2MM, 36INx36IN = 91,4cm X 91,4cm. Price is per 9 tiles of 12INx12IN. (if not on stock; build to order. phone us)

  • Resilient ESD High Gloss, Durable Vinyl Tile
    100% pure homogeneous vinyl with proprietary ESD flooring composition.
  • Precision Cut
    Allows the tiles to be laid tight without gaps that collect dirt.
  • Low-cost Maintenance
    Easily cleaned and shined to a gloss while maintaining its electrical properties.
  • Electrical Resistance: 1 x 106 to < 1 x 109 ohms
    Meets EN 61340-5-1 flooring required limit tested per IEC 61340-4-1, and is suitable flooring component for personnel grounding Footwear / Flooring System.

Download Document 8400 Series - Statguard Vinyl Floor Tile

Download Document TB-9032 - 8400 Series Static Control Vinyl Floor Tile: Installation Instructions

Download document TB-5032 - 8400 Series Static Control Vinyl Floor Tile: Maintenance


Note: ESD Vinyl Floor Tiles Require Special Installation using recommended 8403 Conductive Adhesive, Copper Earthing Tape and Grounding kit. Adhesive and Copper Tape are sold separately.