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Statfree i™ Conductive Interlocking Rubber, 12.7MM x 0.6M x 0.9M, Black

  • Anti-fatigue ergonomic design dome/support cell structure
    See Ergonomic Test Report.
  • Durable homogeneous rubber
    Long life, will never delaminate.
  • Patented interlocking strip
    Easily configures to fit your requirements; no need to order special lengths.
  • Interlocks are easily trimmed
    Attractive beveled edge end finish. Can easily make stand alone mat.
  • Rp 10E4 - 10E5 ohm resistance per EN 61340-5-1.
    Meets ESD protective flooring requirements of EN 61340-5-1.
  • Premium Nitrile Butadiene Homogenous Rubber with no clay or silica fillers
    Superior durability and electricals provides value, long life without discoloring and delamination
  • Durable industrial grade rubber
    Excellent value providing long-lasting, good-looking life; consistent electrical properties; will never delaminate.
  • Superior heat, chemical, and wear resistance
    Excellent choice in soldering and other challenging manufacturing environments.
  • Antistatic, low tribocharging
    Minimal charge generation on mat.
  • High quality material with conductive electrical properties
    When properly grounded, safely removes electrostatic charges from equipment and people to protect your ESD sensitive products.
  • Non-humidity dependence
    Provides consistent electrical performance regardless of ambient humidity.
  • Dimensionally stable
    Minimal shrinkage and curling.
  • Tested for cleanrooms; minimal particulation
    Suitable for use in critical environments; used in Class 1000 cleanrooms. 
    See Test Report.
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant

Download Document PME-i - Statfree i™ Conductive Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Rubber