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Conical Earth Bonding Point Cord, 4.5M, 10mm Stud/Ring Terminal, 1 Meg Resistor

  • Low profile. 
    Helps keep employees from tripping on cord connection.
  • 10mm snap stud.
    Easily snaps to mat socket, flush to mat surface.
  • Ring terminal at end of cord.
    Allows easy attachment to building ground.
  • Stud has threaded hole; 6-32 x 6.35mm flat head screw and countersunk washer are provided.
    Allows ground cord to be bolted to mat; keeps cord from disconnecting; ensures proper grounding.
  • Extra ring terminal included.
    Provided for customising cord length.
  • Ground cord 4.5m long
  • Includes 1 Megohm resistor
  • Made in the United States of America

Download Document 60474.E - Floor and Table Mat Ground Cord with 10mm Stud