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Plastek In-Plant Handler, Cell Size 305mm x 422mm x 32mm, 10 Cells

  • Provides physical protection with conductive material, providing reliable path-to-ground
  • Many sizes available to optimize fit to your product size
  • Rolled over
  • Cell Size: W x L x Th side construction (double thickness) for greater strength
  • Static dissipative foam bottom, providing ESD and shock protection
  • Includes steel wire frame for extra strength
  • Conductive plastic hand holes for ease of handling, while providing reliable path-to-ground
  • Static Dissipative partitions made from Protektive Pak?? impregnated corrugated material
  • Product ships assembled
  • Conductive 1 x 102 to < 1 x 105 ohm material provides reliable path-to-ground
  • Superior strength and durability; made from extruded, high impact polypropylene materials
  • Chemical and moisture resistant
  • Ideal for use where corrugated and/or paper products cannot be used
  • Economical alternative to injection molded products
  • Reusable, ensuring best value
  • Lid included
  • Made in America

Download Document 38920 - Plastek Inplant Handlers