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: 35694

Conductive Flat Nylon Brush, Semi-Fine, 13mm x 19mm x 10mm Bristles

  • Brushes minimize static charge generation and remove electrostatic charges to ground when held by grounded personnel
  • Dissipative polypropylene black handles are able to remove charges to ground
  • Resistance of conductive fibres: 10E3 - 10E4 ohms
  • Resistance of dissipative handle: 10E5 - 10E8 ohms
  • Three kinds of bristles - soft, semi fine, hard
  • Semi-fine bristles are ideal for chemical and electronics applications
  • Firm bristles are mainly for electronics, especially circuit boards
  • Bristles are a mix of conductive synthetic yarn and horse hair

Download Document 35690 - Menda Conductive Brushes

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