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: 35014

ESD Badge Holder with Slot, Vertical, 68mm x 111mm

  • Ideal for use by electronic manufacturers working with ESD sensitive components.
  • Highly visible with yellow header and ESD Symbol allowing people to immediately know the badge holder is ESD protective.
  • RTT: 1 X 10E10 ohms
  • Dissipative Tribocharging: Less than 100 volts
  • Includes inner anti-print, non-ESD vinyl liner which will prevent ink transfer from your document to the document holder 
  • Made with a custom dissipative material made exclusively for Desco Industries and not available anywhere else!
  • Genuine Made in the United States of America ??? accept no substitutes
  • Available in horizontal and vertical, clip or no clip.
  • We can do Customs just let us know your insert size!

Download Document 35010 - ESD Badge Holders