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242256 TAPE-TADI

242256 TAPE-TADI

(Excl. btw)
: 242256

ESD Tape Dispenser, 50MM Wide x 76MM Core

  • Use with Wescorp and other brand antistatic tapes 
    Can be used with standard 76mm core tapes.
  • Groundable Housing and Hardware 
    Components of ESD tape dispenser can be grounded with ground cord (or through work surface*) to be used in ESD Protected Area
  • Stainless Steel Construction 
    Minimizes foreign objects debris, corrosion, and other contamination when used in clean or sensitive areas. Simplifies cleaning.
  • Two Separate Spools Turn Independently
    Holds one 50mm wide roll of tape or two rolls of tape that are 25mm or less widths, depending on needs.
  • Heavy Weighted Design 
    Extra weight allows for one-handed use; dispenser will not slide on most surfaces.
  • Grounding Jack 
    For operator personnel grounding with wrist strap or other grounding requirements
  • Made in the United States of America

Download Document TB-3010 - Applications of Antistatic Tape

Download Document 242256 - ESD Tape Dispenser, 50mm