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222565 FWST-FWST

222565 FWST-FWST

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: 222565

Hi-Speed/Hi-Accuracy Wrist Strap/Footwear Test Station with Output

  • Test voltage: 24VDC
  • 1 second test cycle
  • LEDs display pass and fail conditions
  • Buzzer sounds on pass
  • Test Range: 750 Kilohm Low, 35 Megohm High

The tester used in this test station is fitted with an output contact that can be used to connect to a door latch, beacon or other apparatus. There is a contact for each LED and a signal to indicate that a test is in progress.

  • Main specifications are similar to 222564 tester
  • Output contact rating: 50V AC/DC, 0.5A
  • ON/OFF output signal is 9VDC, 0.1A
  • Output socket is RJ12

Download Document TB-7587 - High Speed, High Accuracy Tester: Installation, Operation and Maintenance

YouTube Presentation Video