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Viper Ion Gun

  • Point-of-Use Compressed Air (7-87 psi) Ionising Blow Off Gun
    Neutralises electrostatic charges to eliminate attraction, visual imperfections, and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris.
  • Fast Discharge Times with ±15 Volt Offset Voltage Balance
    Meets required limits of EN 61340-5-1.
  • High Frequency Piezo AC with Transformer Inside of Hand Piece
    Consistent ionisation performance with longer hose lengths (6-foot hose included) with no additional remote console or separate high voltage power supply required.
  • Balanced Lightweight Ergonomic Design (Less Than 0.5 Pounds)
    Aligns the center gravity with the operator's gripping hand for ease of use by operators.
  • Long Handle-Trigger
    Reduces stress on operator's fingers.
  • Slotted Nozzle Tips
    Meets OSHA requirement for pressure relief.
  • Clean Dry Air (CDA)
    Use with standard shop air.
  • 10 Foot (3 Meter) Power Cable (100~240VAC) to 24VDC Power Adapter
    Use with multiple power sources by changing blades on the power adaptor.
  • Status LEDs
    Illuminate when the trigger is held down and to indicate that the gun is outputting ionised air.
  • NIST Calibrated with Certificate Included
    Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For more information on the calibration of Desco products, see Calibration.
  • 100-240VAC Power Adapter with Interchangeable Plugs
    Works with standard electrical systems in North America, United Kingdom, Japan, Asia and Europe
  • Made in Japan

Download Documentation TB-3065.E - Viper Ion Gun: Installation, Operation and Maintenance