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Statguard® ESD Floor Cleaner, 10L Box

Statguard® ESD Floor Cleaner is formulated to clean floors treated with Statguard® Dissipative Floor Finish and Statguard® Low-VOC Dissipative Floor Finish, as well as ESD floor tiles such as Statguard® ESD Vinyl Tiles. It is formulated with anti-static agents that will rejuvenate and improve the ESD properties of the flooring surface that it is used without leaving behind residue that can impede dissipative or conductive properties of the flooring material or finish.

  • ESD Flooring Cleaner
    Cleans conductive/dissipative floor tile, paint, latex, floor finish and other ESD flooring substrates.
  • Does Not Contain Silicone or Other Insulative Substances
    Standard cleaners with silicone or other insulative substances may leave residue which inhibits the performance of ESD flooring.
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant
  • Made in The United States of America

Download Document TB-7063 - Statguard® Dissipative ESD Floor Cleaner Application Instructions

Download Document SDS-7063-UK - Statguard® ESD Neutral Floor Cleaner - SDS - UK