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Ersa 0ICV2000AI SDST

Ersa 0ICV2000AI SDST

(Exclusief 21% BTW)
: 0ICV2000AI

Ersa i-CON Vario 2: 200W ESD-veilig Multi Kanaals Soldeer- en Desoldeerstation compleet met i-Tool-Air-S Heteluchtbout en i-Tool Soldeerbout en tool-houder 0A52 met droge spons 0008M en tool-houder 0A56

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  • Soldering and desoldering station to operate one i-TOOL AIR S and another soldering tool at the same time
  • Intelligent power management for dynamic power distribution
  • Extremly silent blow air supply for i-TOOL AIR S
  • Built in vacuum pump for desoldering tools
  • Easy operation - intuitive one touch push button and large multifunctional display
  • Different soldering and desoldering tools connectable
  • Integrated interface to solder fume extraction unit, heating plate and PC
  • USB interface
  • Antistatic design
  • Connectable Tools: i-Tool Air-S (0470BRJ), i-Tool (0100CDJ), Chip Tool Vario (0460MDJ), X-Tool Vario (0740EDJ), i-Tool Hgh-Power (0240CDJ), Chip Tool (0450MDJ), X-Tool (0720EDJ), Vario-Tool Adapter (0ICV207)

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