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Ersa 0G07400141 SOIR

Ersa 0G07400141 SOIR

(Exclusief 21% BTW)
: 0G07400141

Ersa Independent 75 Profi-Set: 15-75W Gas Soldeerset met soldeertippen 0G072-KN, CN, AN, VN, BE, HE, MN en RE, tiptemperatuur ca. 580°C

Maximum independence with the multifunctional ERSA gas soldering set.

Efficient, with a wide range of high quality accessories, small, handy and a convenient packaging: this gas soldering set is very versatile! The ergonomic antistatic gas soldering iron with piezo ignition is the perfect tool for service and maintenance work - especially when there is no electric power supply available.

With its infinitely variable power rating from 15 up to 75 watts (compared with electrical soldering irons) max. soldering tip temperatures of 500°C can be achieved. The Independent 75 operates on commercially available butane lighter gas.

The Independent 75 "Profi Set" is supplied in a practical transport case, consisting of a gas soldering iron with pre-installed catalytic soldering tip and includes another 3 soldering tips suitable for virtually every soldering application and a sponge container with cleaning sponge. A hot blade to shape and cut high-resistance foam, a hot gas nozzle, a deflector to shrink heat-shrinkable sleeves and to solder SMD components as well as a flame nozzle to micro weld complete the equipment and open up many different applications.

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