Flexiline workbench overview


On this page you will find a number of basic configurations of the modular Flexiline workbench concept with some standard options. At the bottom of this page you can download the delivery program and the Flexiline brochure with which you can put together your desired workbench configuration. Because of the many possibilities, however, we advise you to contact our sales department for advice and a competitive quotation for the optimal configuration at a minimum price. You are also welcome to visit elQuip, visit our showroom and discuss your project. Are you interested in simple basic configuration worktables then you can also visit our Basic Flexiline web shop.


In addition to the Flexiline delivery program, we can also offer customer-specific modifications.


Core features of Flexiline workbenches are: extensive modular, (electrically) adjustable height, ergonomic C-legs, integral electrification possibilities, very robust and stable thanks to the welded steel frame.



  Flexiline (ESD safe) workbench with instrument-shelf, height adjustable


                         Flexiline esd workbench with instrument shelf

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            Flexiline Electronics ESD safe workbench, height adjustable


                         Flexiline esd workbench

                         Click here for more information



            Different Flexiline corner arrangements, height adjustable

                         Flexiline corner arrangements

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                                       Flexiline electrics modules

                        Flexiline electrical arrangements

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                                             Flexiline Power-rails


                         Flexiline Power-rail

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                          Flexiline Light & Tool carrier configurations


                         Flexiline light and tool carrier

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                                     Flexiline measurement console


                         Flexiline measurement console

                         Click here for more information



                     Flexiline electric height adjustment configurations


                         Flexiline workbench with electrical height adjustment

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Download here the Flexiline brochure (GB, NL or DE) and the delivery program

Flexiline_Overview_Brochure_GB 2017_v0a
Date 2015-02-08 Language  English File Size 4.04 MB Download 5 Download

Flexiline_overzichtbrochure_NL 2017_V0a HOT
Date 2015-02-06 Language  Dutch File Size 4.04 MB Download 577 Download

Flexiline_Übersichtsbroschüre_DE 2017_v0a
Date 2018-04-11 Language  German File Size 4.04 MB Download 0 Download

Flexiline leverprogramma V-080119 HOT
Date 2015-07-15 Language  Dutch File Size 3.05 MB Download 708 Download


Download here the Technical Datasheet of the volume conductive ESD worksurface sheets applied on Flexiline

Datasheet_Flexiline_ESD_Work-surface 2017
Date 2018-02-14 Language  German File Size 700.73 KB Download 23 Download

Download here the white-paper on volume conductive ESD-worksheets v.s. surface conductive worksheets

Volume vs oppervlaktegeleiding V1.0
Date 2018-03-29 Language  Dutch File Size 78.13 KB Download 8 Download

Download here the test report of the safety test conducted on Flexiline according to DIN13150:2001

EN 13150:2001 V1.0 HOT
Date 2015-08-26 Language  English File Size 117 KB Download 177 Download


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