elQuip supplies Desco ESD products such as: ESD measuring equipment, ESD Monitor, ESD mat, ESD wristband, ESD clothing, ESD packaging, ESD floor articles and much more.


esd products: esd mat, antistatic mat, esd wristband, esd floor, esd clothing, esd test, esd packing, esd protection, esd working safely, esd floor mat, esd ionizer, esd measuring equipment, esd monitor


Desco ESD products

elQuip offers a very complete range of ESD-safe products: including the Desco-Europe product range, such as many variants of ESD wristband, ESD mat, ESD floor mat, ESD floor products, ESD clothing, ESD tester, ESD measuring equipment, ESD monitor, ESD ionizer, ESD packaging, etc. The professional ESD protection equipment and advanced ESD measuring equipment from the brand Desco guarantee high quality, durability, reliability and not made in China.

In addition to Desco's ESD products, elQuip also supplies ESD tables, ESD chairs, ESD shoes, ESD safe soldering equipment, ESD safe solder smoke extraction & extraction arms and an own brand ESD mat to size or ESD mat on roll (ESD floor mat and ESD table mat ).

ESD or "Electrostatic Discharge" is a concern for the entire electronics industry with regard to the possibility of damage to components during processing or processing. For other industries where processing flammable powders, such as flour or paint, is an explosion hazard, ESD safe working is a necessity and ESD (personal) protective equipment must be used.


The full range of Desco ESD products on our website

On our website we have the complete range of ESD Desco products available, about 1400 products. This way you will always find the ESD product you are looking for. The products are divided into 17 different categories, below are some examples and a link to the categories page:



Fast delivery and excellent service

More information about Desco's ESD products can be found on our comprehensive website. We always strive for a fast delivery and you also benefit from excellent service at elQuip. Do you have questions about our range, for example about our ESD safe work tables? Or do you want to be advised about the products that suit your situation? Please contact us by calling or E-mailing. Our employees are happy to help you and provide you with a suitable advice and a free quote.


ESD in practice

Free electric charge at rest, also called "electrostatic charge or static electricity", is a problem in various industries. Working with costly complicated electronics requires proper protection against damage caused by static discharges, called ESD. The danger of static electricity increases unexpectedly or even unnoticed, causing equipment (latent) to become unavailable or undesired production outages, possibly resulting in image damage as well. It is therefore important to take appropriate measures against ESD and to consciously deal with static electricity.



In order to operate completely ESD safely, you must have an ESD-safe workplace that has been set up in an appropriate manner and that the employees must be equipped with the right ESD protective equipment. A maximum ESD-safe workplace (EPA: ESD Protected Area) is built with an ESD floor, ESD chair, ESD table, ESD ionizer, ESD-safe personal protection such as an ESD wrist strap and ESD clothing, in combination with an ESD monitor plus ESD -safe climatisation and possibly supplemented with an ESD table mat and ESD floor mat. A minimal effective ESD-safe workplace can already be realized with an ESD mat and ESD wristband protection (local protection against static electricity). Depending on the requirements and budget, everything in between is possible. In addition, it is important that the employees are well-trained so that they know how to deal with static electricity (ESD) and apply the right work discipline.


In our delivery program you will find numerous solutions to prevent damage caused by electrostatic discharge. elQuip supplies, among others. ESD floor mats and ESD table mats, ESD wristbands, ESD clothing, ESD shoes, ESD packaging, ESD monitoring and for maintenance of your ESD equipment; ESD test equipment and ESD measuring equipment. In order to be able to supply a complete ESD safe device, elQuip also has ESD floor systems, ESD work tables (height-adjustable work tables and aluminum work tables), ESD work chairs, ESD trolleys and ESD safe cabinets in its delivery program. 

***** ESD safe products: ESD mat, Anti-static mat, ESD wrist strap, ESD floor, ESD clothing, ESD test, ESD packing, ESD protection, ESD safe working, ESD floor mat, ESD ionizer, ESD measuring equipment, ESD monitor, etc. *****