elQuipTM is distributor of BK Precision and supplies the complete European product program.

BK Pecision offers a complete range of general test instruments and measuring instruments such as eg. Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Power supplies, Spectrum analyzers, Current Clamps, Function generatorss, DC electronic loads, Accu testers, Battery testers, etc. 



BK Precision, Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Power supply, Spectrum analyzer, Current Clamp, Function generator, DC electronic load, Accu tester, Battery tester, Labsupply


BK Precision

You can find the high-quality products from BK Precision in the elQuip web shop. BK Precision is an American manufacturer of a total package of measuring instruments, test instruments and signal current / voltage generators for the field of electronics in the broadest sense of the word. Characteristic is the high quality and a versatile and complete range. As a result, BK Precision products such as a Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Power supply, Spectrum analyzer, Current clamp, Function generator, DC electronic load, Battery tester, Battery tester or Lab feeder have a very wide range of applications. These products are produced under strict quality supervision and contain modern electronics designs and components.


BK Precision: versatile instruments

BK Precision has a large number of versatile instruments in the range. There are instruments for R & D, medical technology, consumer electronics, power technology, environmental technology, repair and production. The instruments range from simple basic devices to versatile advanced instruments. elQuip offers as BK Precision distributor advice on the choice of the right model, assistance with implementation and aftercare during repair and calibration. By default, elQuip customers receive a guarantee of up to 3 years on the instruments (depending on model).

Service from the Specialist

In addition to personal assistance with purchase and use, you can use the BK Precision application information page at elQuip. Here you can find more information about the BK Precision products. Would you like advice on a BK Precision instrument? Or would you like more information about our range? Please contact us by calling 040 2645 345. Our employees are happy to provide you with more information and a free quote.


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