Desco ESD Products and Antistatic Billboard


Below you will find a number of applicable information sources from Desco ESD


Desco ESD awareness booklet

ESD Basics

ESD: the problems that it can cause in electronics

The costs of ESD damage

Necessary measurements for effective protection against ESD problems

ESD control in production is a comprehensive program 

Desco "Static Management Progamme" SMP 


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Table mat selection matrix

Floor mat selection matrix

ESD Wristband selection matrix

ESD Wristband-curlcord selection matrix

Foot-grounding selection matrix

Ionisator selection matrix

Continuity-monitor selection matrix

Wristband / foot-footwear tester selection matrix

ESD-paint selection matrix

Desco ESD packaging bag selection matrix

SCS workstationmonitor comparison matrix

SCS "Moisture Barrier bag" selection matrix

SCS "Static Shielding bag" selection matrix


Download below the elQuip ESD booklet "ESD Awareness in practice" in which a clear and more detailed explanation about ESD is given.



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