Below you will find the Desco ESD product program per category.

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Continuous Monitors

     Desco ESD Continuous Monitors  Workstation Monitors
 Equipment Ground Monitors
 ESD Event Monitors
 SCS Static Management Program SMP

Wrist Straps & Coiled Cords

   Desco ESD Wrist Straps and Coiled Cords  Single Wire Wrist Straps
 Dual Wire Wrist Straps

Footwear & Wrist Strap Testers

    Desco ESD Footwear and ESD Wrist Strap Testers  Footwear & Wrist Strap Testers
 Wrist Strap Testers
 Calibration Units for Testers

Meters & Measurements

         desco ESD Meters and ESD Measurements  Resistance Testers
 Static Field Meter & Ionisation Test Kit
 ESD Survey Kit
 SCS EM Eye Meter
 SCS Ground Pro Meter
 SCS ESD Pro Event Indicator
 Charged Plate Analysers
 Continuity Tester


    Desco ESD Ionisation protection  BenchTop Ionisers
 Overhead Ionisers
 Forced Air Ionisers

Field Service and Vacuum Cleaners

    Desco ESD Field Service kits and ESD Vacuum Cleaners  Field service Kits
 Vacuum Cleaners

Floor Care & Paint

Desco ESD Floor Care and ESD Paint
 Statguard® Floor Care System
 Floor Epoxy & Latex Paint

Floor Matting & Grounding

   Desco ESD Floor Matting and ESD Floor Grounding  Floor Matting
 Floor Accessories

Foot Grounders

                         Desco ESD Foot Grounders  Stat-A-REST™ Foot Grounders
 3-Layer Non-Marking Foot Grounders
 Heel Grounders with Hook-and-Loop Straps
 Heel Grounders w Elastic Back & Hook&Loop Straps
 Heel Grounders with Elastic Straps&Clip Fasteners
 Toe Heel Grounders with Strechable Hook&Loop
 Snap-loc Heel Grounders
 Standard Foot Grounders
 Wescorp Foot Grounders
 Disposable Heel Grounders
 Disposable Conductive Booties
 SCS Standard Style Foot Grounders (One Sole)
 SCS Cup Style Foot Grounders (Two Soles)
 SCS Speciality Foot Grounders

Handling & Storage

      Desco ESD Handling and Storage   SMD Storage Products
 PCB Storage Products
 Protektive-Pak® Plastek Products
 Protektive-Pak® Dissipative Corrugated Products
 Velostat® Containers

Jensen Global Dispensing Systems

    Jensen Global ESD Dispensing Systems  Jensen Global Dispensers
 Jensen Global Syringes
 Jensen Global Dispensing Bottles


      Desco ESD Packaging  Foam
 Hook-and-Loop Straps
 IC Shipping Tubes
 Protektive-Pak® Dissipative Corrugated Products
 Rigid Conductive Boxes

Garments & Gloves

     Desco ESD Smocks and ESD Shirts  Statshield® Smocks
 Polo Shirts
 Lab Coats & Jackets


       Desco ESD Tape  Wescorp™ Antistatic Cellulose Tape
 Wescorp™ Antistatic Cellulose Tape with Symbols
 Wescorp™ conductive Grid Tape
 Wescorp™ Antistatic High Temp. Masking Tape
 Tape Dispenser
 Packaging Tape

Work Surface Matting & Grounding

    Desco ESD Work Surface Matting and Grounding  Working Surface Matting
 Bench Top Turntables
 Working Surface Grounding

Workstation Accessoiries

             Desco ESD Workstation ESD Accessories  EPA Warning Signs
 ESD Awareness Guide
 Document Handling
 Maintanance Products & Accessoiries
 Menda Badge Holders
 Menda Connector Covers
 Menda Dispensing Bottles
 Menda Probes
 Menda Workstation Tools
 Plastick Brushes
 Waste Bins & Liners
 Workstation Covers

Bags & Labels                                        Work in Progress Small

          Desco ESD Bags and ESD Labels  Shielding Bags
 Shielding Bubble Bags & Film
 Moisture Barrier Bags
 Antistatic Pink Poly Bags
 Antistatic Pink Bubble Bags
 Conductive Black Bags & Film
 Humidity Indicators
 Labels & Label dispensers


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Desco catalogue

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