elQuip: Complete workshop furnishing with height-adjustable work tables, work chairs, storage systems and accessories


Flexiline height adjustable esd workbench for your workshop Flexiline height adjustable esd safe workbench for your workshop  ERFI height adjustable esd safe workbench for your workshop


Complete workshop furnishing


On this website you will find a complete range of high-quality German and American products for the design of your (ESD safe) technical workspaces, ranging from, Flexiline ESD tables, electronic work tables and electrical work tables, Flexiline production work tables and assembly tables, ERFI aluminum work tables, Bimos work chairs , BK-Precision test and measuring equipment, ERSA soldering equipment and Desco ESD security products. We can provide you with expert advice on the basis of our extensive experience in (ESD safe) workshop equipment to find the most suitable and most economical solution.


elQuip workshop furniture for organising your workshop with; work tables, work chairs and accessories

Are you looking for professional work tables with a solid and representative look and exactly the functionality you need? Elquip has a program of work tables from Flexiline (standard height-adjustable work tables) and a program ERFI aluminum worktables both with a large choice in designs and dimensions. For example, flat work tables, extension tables, electrical work tables, electronic work tables, ESD tables, height-adjustable work tables, work tables with superstructure in which also measuring equipment can be placed, etc. All work tables can be equipped with energy supplies, ICT facilities, LED lighting, tool boards, pneumatics, electrical height adjustable, etc. fully furnished according to your wishes. In addition to the workshop furniture, elQuip also supplies office furniture such as Freestand flexwork desks or sit desk desks and Prosedia desk chairs. The desk tables are elegant height-adjustable work tables with a wide setting range of 65 to 125 cm of leaf height.


Different worktops

In the delivery program you also have a large selection of 30mm thick worktops for the ERFI worktables and 25mm thick worktops for the Flexiline worktables, such as Melamine worktop, HPL worktop, ESD safe volume conductive worktop, full beech worktop, and ERFI worktops with customer -specific top layer and finish. All these sheets and many other versions are available in the desired size.



Of course you can further customize your worktable to your wishes and requirements with various options, such as electricity columns or electric beams, height adjustable and tiltable shelves, tool boards, cable trays, compressed air connections, CPU holders, hanging drawers, holders for parts containers , LED lighting, etc.

In short, when choosing the right workplace components, many aspects need to be taken into account. A good advice from an experienced supplier can help you. elQuip has more than 30 years experience with the delivery of workshop equipment and would like to help you choose the most suitable solution for your workplace.


elQuip Online

The web site of elQuip contains several web shops with a total of more than 2000 articles for your workshop layout; such as work tables, work chairs, office chairs, height-adjustable work tables, height-adjustable desks, desk desks, a very wide range of ESD articles, solder articles, work shoes and more. In addition, under the Tab "offers" on this site you will regularly find offers of work tables and many other practical and competitively priced items.

elQuip delivers workshop furnishing to:

Industrial organisations, Production Companies, Service companies,

 MOD, Educational Institutes, Laboratories, Hospitals, Governement, etc.

elQuip sells the own workbench brand from stock Flexiline and is distributor of the workbench brand erfi



Flexiline height adjustable workbenches

erfi height adjustable workbenches

ESD workbenches

Elektronics workbenches

Elektric workbenches

Aluminum workbenches

Bimos work chairs


 ***** workshop furnishing - height adjustable workbenches - electronics workbenches - ESD workbenches - aluminum workbenches - work chairs *****


Flexiline height adjustable workbenches in CAD arangement and work chairs for your workshop


***** workshop furnishing - height adjustable workbenches - electronics workbenches - ESD workbenches - aluminum workbenches - work chairs *****