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Ergonomic work chair categories: Production workshop chair, ESD chair, Laboratory chair, Cleanroom chair, standing aid and ergonomic stool


Bimos ergonomische werkstoel: werkplaatsstoel, ESD stoel, Laboratoriumstoel, Cleanroom stoel, stahulp, ergonomische kruk


Bimos from Germany is the largest industrial seater solver in Europe and stands for innovative, robust, ergonomic and environmentally friendly. Bimos chairs are top quality in every respect and that is why Bimos offers a 10-year guarantee. Bimos ergonomic work chairs are used in production environments, clean rooms, ESD workshops and laboratories where high demands are also made.

All bimos chairs are clearly presented on this website, including brochures, certificates, etc. Our versatile offer is quickly becoming clear. In addition, we can adapt many chairs to the wishes of the user. There is also a perfect seating solution for your workplace, you only have to find your ergonomic work chair and this site is the place for that!


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More information about Bimos ergonomic Work chair categories: workshop chair, ESD chair, Laboratory chair, Cleanroom chair, standing aid and ergonomic stool


Good work chairs can be adapted to the environment, because each work environment has its own challenges. This applies in particular to workplaces in production departments with the specific conditions that come with it. An ergonomic work chair or workshop chair by Bimos combines maximum freedom of movement, optimal ergonomics and extensive adjustment possibilities with the greatest possible robustness. From the anatomical design of the seat and backrest to easily exchangeable upholstery and materials that are also resistant to the most demanding conditions, such as grease, flying sparks and chips: An ergonomic work chair / workshop chair or ergonomic stool from Bimos is a perfectly thought-out seating solution. In addition to the workshop chair models, Bimos also has an ergonomic handle for use in the workshop environment. Moreover, it not only meets the necessary standards, but has been developed in close cooperation with scientific institutes, company doctors and other specialists from practice.
Production work chair and workshop chair model names: Neon, Sintec, Nexxit, All-in-one, Isitec and Unitec.


Electrostatic discharge can cause considerable damage in the increasingly smaller and more sensitive microelectronic components. For a semiconductor, a discharge is comparable to a lightning strike. ESD chairs must therefore prevent objects and people at workplaces in the electronic industry from generating static charge and must be able to safely derive them. ESD chairs from Bimos offer all-round protection: The conductive comfort upholstery, conductive coated steel parts, volume-conducting plastics, wheels and glides and complete distraction of the ESD chair form a reliable total system. This not only meets current standards, but also meets the high demands of daily practice. An ESD chair by Bimos is also an ergonomic work chair that meets modern ergonomics standards. In addition to the ESD chair models, Bimos also has an ESD-safe ergonomic stool.
ESD work chair model names: Neon, Sintec, Nexxit, Basic, Unitec and Labsit
Work chairs in a laboratory are facing major challenges. These can not be compared with those of other workplaces. In addition to the highest requirements in terms of cleaning convenience, a laboratory chair must offer flexibility while working. The Bimos portfolio includes laboratory chairs and ergonomic stools for the laboratory in its own Hygienic Design with seamless design and washable, disinfectable materials. The ergonomics of the laboratory chairs are precisely tailored to the work and body postures that are characteristic of this field, such as the bent over during microscopy or pipetting. In order to respond to the extreme load and regular change of users, the Bimos laboratory chairs are designed to be compact and have ergonomic work chairs with flexible, user-friendly adjustment options.
Laboratory work chair model names: Labster, Neon, Nexxit, Basic and Labsit.
Whether it concerns microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, optics or medical technology: where clean, or sterile, rooms are a prerequisite for optimal results of your work, pollution must be prevented. Bimos cleanroom chairs are developed in close collaboration with industry and research institutions. All cleanroom chairs are made with sealed upholstery that has a foam layer at the back, encapsulated mechanisms and smooth, closed surfaces. In addition, all materials of these cleanroom chairs and ergonomic stools prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges. The unique combination of logical concepts and perfect execution results in a top-class laboratory chair with leading, certified properties that are tailored to the needs of the practice. A cleanroom chair from Bimos is also an ergonomic work chair that meets modern ergonomics standards. In addition to the cleanroom chair models, Bimos also has a cleanroom ergonomic stool.
Cleanroom work chair model names: Cleanroom Plus and Cleanroom Basic.
Almost one in two employees must stand for a longer period of time during work. Prolonged standing, however, is a burden on the body and is responsible for various disorders of the cardiovascular system, muscles and skeleton. In addition to ergonomic work chairs and stools, Bimos also offers efficient standing aids with which the body can be relieved. They support the user during standing work without putting them in a certain position and hindering the work. The range ranges from simple support for short-term relaxation to flexible solutions, allowing longer periods of standing work without fatigue symptoms. In addition, all standing aids have a space-saving design and can be easily transported from A to B.
Standing Rest model names: Fin, Stahulp and Flex.


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***** Production work chair, workshop chair models: Neon, Sintec, Nexxit, All-in-one, Isitec and Unitec *****

***** ESD chair models: Neon, Sintec, Nexxit, Basic, Unitec and Labsit *****

***** Laboratory chair models: Labster, Neon, Nexxit, Basic and Labsit *****

***** Cleanroom chair models: Cleanroom Plus and Cleanroom Basic *****

***** Standing rest models: Fin, Stahulp and Flex *****