BK Precision, Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Power supply, Spectrum analyzer, Current clamp, Function generator, DC electronic load, Battery tester, Lab power supply


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  BK Precision Power Supplies

Power Supplies

  BK Precision DC Electronic Loads

DC Electronic Loads

  BK Precision Oscilloscopes


  BK Precision Signal Generators

Signal Generators

  BK Precision Multimeters


  BK Precision Component Testers

Component Testers

 BK Precision Spectrum Analyzers

RF Spectrum Analyzers

 BK Precision Counters


 BK Precision Device Programmers

Device Programmers

  BK Precision Battery Testers

Electrical & Battery Test

  BK Precision Environmental Meters


  BK Pecision Video and Cables

Video & Cable

  BK Precision Accessories




Download the general catalog here:

BK Precision general catalogue HOT

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  • Version: 2017
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Download here the catalog latest new products:

BK Precision latest products HOT

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  • Version: 2017
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