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As a manager or head of department, you are likely to be confronted only a few times in your career with large-scale new construction, relocation or renovation of your department, laboratory or educational infrastructure. This requires a project-based approach.

elQuip has more than 40 years of experience in the design of workshops, test and calibration centers and teaching / research facilities for electrical engineering and electronics. That knowledge and experience is available to you as a customer.


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Following are from elQuip a number of points of attention and tips to ensure that your project runs smoothly.


Project organisation

What the new situation looks like and how we put the project team together to get started. First of all, the composition of the project team. Who will be the project leader and who will be the possible team members. Who will be the client from the management. Is the workplace sufficiently represented. Do we have sufficient knowledge in our organization. How is the acquisition of new equipment arranged. The most important thing here is to clearly define who is responsible for what and who is allowed to take which decisions to arrive at the desired situation.


Program of requirements

In order to arrive at the new situation, the project team must draw up a program of requirements in which all functionalities are properly recorded. There are 2 pitfalls. The first is based too much on the existing situation and wants to realize a kind of copy of it. The second is based on preference attribution to a situation / functionality that can only be provided by 1 provider.



In addition to the schedule of requirements, it is also important to consider the appearance of the new location. Is the new / renovated location the company's calling card or is pure no-nonsense functionality desired.

 Voorbeeld 2 Labplan

Ergonomic and safety aspects

Which ergonomic and safety aspects must be met in the new project. Think of EU-OSHA requirements, protection against high voltage or radiation. Is an ESD environment required, etc. What additional requirements will be added in connection with a possible certification.


Budget / affordability

It is always difficult to have a good budget, especially if it is not a standard frequently recurring type of project. Allow for an unforeseen item of at least 10%. If the budget is too tight, it must be avoided that the setbacks within the project have to be absorbed. If this is the case, this will generally lead to the purchase of lower quality equipment and / or installations that do not meet the functional requirements.



Make a realistic planning. Take into account expected lead times and delivery times. Too tight a schedule causes a lot of annoyance during the duration of the project. You are constantly following the facts and it usually takes a lot of time to adjust.

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Contacts with contractors

Make sure that there is preferably only 1 point of contact for the project team per contractor. This prevents confusion.



Expertise elQuip

You can contact elQuip for the following aspects:


elQuip has a thorough knowledge of all safety measures and safety constructions that apply in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.


Erogonomics and  EU-OSHA
All elQuip products meet the highest standards in terms of ergonomics and ARBO. This of course applies to our own design Flexiline tables, but also for example to the Bimos industrial chairs.


ESD protection
ESD Protection requires customization. Working ESD safely is a "mind set". It is a combination of the right resources, discipline in daily work and policy supported by everyone including the management. Unfortunately, there are many misunderstandings about applying the right protection. Because of this, a lot of money is sometimes spent on the wrong things. elQuip provides tailor-made advice tailored to the situation in your company. We also regularly address this important topic in our newsletters.


Measuring instruments
Despite the advent of the digital age, much remains to be measured. It is true that there is no longer a need for adjusting analog circuits, but for testing options for power electronics, solar panels and calibration facilities, for example. It is important to find an appropriate solution. elQuip can help and advise you. We have an extensive range of various types of equipment with distinctive models to choose from.



Click here for photo-impressions of projects and specials created with advice from elQuip.


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