Flexiline Mains Electrical Modules


Two types of built-in electrical modules are available for Flexiline work tables; 1) The 230V 1 phase electrical installation blocks and 2) The 230V 1 phase or 400V 3 phase electric columns.


Flexiline electric installation blocks:



Flexiline electric block built-in 450x360            Flexiline Electric Module blocks


The table frame and the Instrument shelf frame of Flexiline work tables are equipped with special slots for 230V electric blocks of the type NetBox-M4 from the German manufacturer AH-Meyer. The cable channel of the table frame has 2 recesses at the rear under the table top and the cable channel of the Instrument shelf frame has 2 recesses at the front (see photo on the left) and 2 at the back. For a table with Instrument shelf, there are therefore a total of 6 slots. The recesses of Flexiline work tables are suitable for electric blocks with 4 functional units (eg switches, sockets, etc.).

Many types of standard built-in electric blocks are available (see, for example, picture on the right), also with sockets in other international standards. Also versions with eg data or USB connectors, etc. are all possible. It is even possible to set up an electric block yourself. The electric blocks are also available in various colors eg. when using multiple electric groups.

New is a fully integrated automatic circuit breaker / residual current circuit breaker combination that is also built into the cable duct of the frame (table or Instrument shelf) and is virtually invisible but easily accessible (not shown). Also new are various emergency stop solutions built into the cable tray or mounted on the table top (not shown).

The construction of an electrical installation of the table usually starts with the so-called starter set (built-in block with switch (10A), possibly fuses and earthed sockets), but this is not necessary. The remaining switchgear and lighting are then connected in series using connecting cables fitted with GST18 connectors. The used GST18 plug connections of the blocks make connection easy and guarantee a reliable connection. No installation authorization is required.


Flexiline electric columns:



Flexiline electric column built-in 450x360            Flexiline electric columns


Flexiline work tables with a fixed Instrument shelf top height of 45 cm can be equipped with two so-called electric columns, see left image.

The available standard types of electrical columns are shown on the right. Both for 1 phase 230V and for 3 phase 400V (shown below and above) there is a column for the power supply and a column with sockets. The columns for the power supply are equipped with; a residual current circuit breaker, circuit breaker, switching relay (20A / 3x25A), I / O push buttons and phase indication lighting. The "off button" can also be used as an emergency stop. The columns with sockets are equipped with a 230V electric block or 2 x 400V 5 pin CEE contact, see image. The electric collumns can be fully integrated with the other 230V electrical installation of the table. The 400V columns can be delivered in both 16A and 32A.


In our Flexiline brochure you will find an overview of the possibilities. You can download the brochure via the link below:



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***** Flexiline Electric modules: Flexiline Elektra installation blocks and / or Flexiline Electric columns *****