Flexiline height adjustable worktable corner and straight arrangement configurations


Flexiline workbench corner arrangements


Flexiline configurations:

Flexiline work tables can be placed side by side and connected or placed in a corner arrangement.


Linked side by side:

Tables that are placed side by side can be connected to each other with a coupling piece, so-called V-link, so that the top continues uninterrupted. Any combination of tables (in terms of width) can be linked and therefore more than two. Directly linked tables can also be equipped with electric height adjustment up to a maximum of 4 tables.


Flexiline workbench corner arrangements CORCAD 750x360


Corner configuration:

A corner arrangement can be composed with a so-called COR worktop of 900x900 mm or with a so-called CAD worktop of 1200x1200 mm which has a beveled corner for extra seating space.

The tables in a corner arrangement are each connected to the corner top with a connecting piece so that the top continues uninterrupted. Again, any combination of tables (in terms of width) can be linked in a corner arrangement. For a fixed-height adjustable angle setup, the corner worktops are supported by an additional height-adjustable leg. A corner arrangement can also be carried out with electric height adjustment, whereby adapted table connecting pieces and a supporting frame for the angle worktop must be used (no additional supporting leg). The corner worktops are available in Melamine, HPL or ESD-safe design.





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***** Flexiline height adjustable worktable; Available ao. as height adjustable worktable corner or straight arrangement configurations *****