Flexiline Electrically height adjustable workbench


Flexiline height-adjustable work table 


The electric height adjustment option is available for all types of Flexiline work tables including the trolley version.


The Flexiline electric height-adjustable work table offers, in addition to the ability to quickly and precisely set the desired individual working height, also the possibility to alternately work sitting and standing (sit-stand work) for a healthy dynamism in the working posture throughout the working day.


  • o Available in 2 height adjustment ranges: 72-102 cm or 76-116 cm
  • o Lifting capacity total 3200N, approx. 300 kG
  • o Lifting speed normally loaded 43mm / sec
  • o ZERO™ technology (less then 0,1 W power consumption in stand-by) and the anti collision-solution PIEZO™
  • o The electrical height adjustment option package consists of two Linak actuators, a central control unit, a control panel plus all necessary wiring
  • o There is a choice of various control panels;
    •     - simple with up-down keys
    •     - dito plus 3 memories and display
    •     - intelligent touch panel with sit-stand software, memory, display and Blue-tooth
    •     - Blue-Tooth in combination with smartphone app (with sit-stand options)
    •     - USB in combination with PC and software (including sit-stand options)
  • o The option package for electrical height adjustment can also be fitted on existing Flexiline work tables at a later stage.




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***** Flexiline height adjustable work table and available ao. as electrically height-adjustable work table *****