Flexiline Electrically height adjustable workbench


Flexiline in hoogte verstelbare werktafel 


Electrical height adjustment an option for all types of Flexiline work tables. This option is also suitable for "sit-stand work" applications (see below).

Electrical height adjustment offers, in addition to the possibility to quickly and precisely set the desired individual working height, also the possibility to alternately work sitting and standing (sit-stand) for a healthy dynamic working posture throughout the working day.


  • o Available in 2 height adjustment ranges: 72-102cm or 76-116cm
  • o Lifting capacity total 3200N, approx. 300kg
  • o Lifting speed normally loaded 43mm / sec
  • o The electrical height adjustment option package consists of two Linak actuators, a central control unit, a control panel plus all necessary wiring
  • o There is a choice of various control panels;
    •     - simple with up-down keys
    •     - same plus 3 memories and display
    •     - intelligent touch panel with sit-stand software, memory, display and Blue-tooth
    •     - Blue-Tooth in combination with smartphone app (with sit-stand options)
    •     - USB in combination with PC and software (including sit-stand options)
  • o The option package for electrical height adjustment can also be fitted on existing Flexiline work tables at a later stage.




  • Created: 2015-02-08
  • Version: 2017_v0a
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