Flexiline Light & Tool Carrier


Flexiline Light & Tool Carrier            Flexiline adjustable shelf



The Flexiline Light & Tool Carrier:

For assembly work, Flexiline tables can be equipped with a so-called Light & Tool carrier. This Light & Tool carrier can be placed on a base table, or on a table with a fixed Instrument shelf. The total height remains the same in both cases. The Light & Tool carrier can be equipped with accessory panels, tilting shelves (0º, 5º, 10º, 15º and 20º), horizontal beams and a luminaire with LED lighting. The accessory panel has a standardized hole pattern which includes. tool racks, storage bins and shelves can be attached. The horizontal carrier beam can be equipped with a trolley for the use of hanging electric or pneumatic tools in combination with a balance. The Light & Tool carrier can be placed on the 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 series work tables.




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