ESD workbench and ESD work table


elQuipTM supplies ESD workbenches from the Flexiline and erfi brands (made in Germany)


 Flexilne ESD workbench, ESD work table

ESD workbench and ESD work table

ESD-safe working starts with an ESD workbench. As soon as you work with "open" electronic circuits, ESD workbenches are necessary. Our ESD workbenches are of course in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1 and additionally provided with "volume conducting" work tops. The volume of conductive worktops of a Flexiline ESD workbench are grounded at the bottom side in more than 10 places so that an electrostatic discharge on the surface is effectively and locally discharged to the bottom of the worktop of the ESD workbench. In the case of a surface conducting worktop, the electrostatic charge will move across the surface to one grounding point, whereby electronic boards located on the tabletop can still come into contact with potential differences caused by the passing electrostatic charge. Although an ESD workbench with a surface conductive top can meet the IEC standard, this does not mean that your electronics are optimally protected. The IEC standard with regard to an ESD workbench only speaks about simple surface and ground resistances or indirectly about the time frame required for the removal of a certain amount of electrostatic charge, but not about how this can be optimally achieved to protect your electronic circuits that are connected to be able to lie on the top of an ESD workbench. Due to a good dissipative value coupled with a very homogeneous resistance, our volume of conductive worktops are superior for an ESD workbench.



Our range of ESD workbenches includes many different models, in particular C-leg models that are height-adjustable as standard (Flexiline), but also aluminum 4-leg ESD tables with a fixed working height (erfi). A wide variety of ESD accessories gives you the opportunity to perfectly match the design of your ESD workbench to the work to be performed. Flexiline ESD workbenches can also easily be designed as electrically height-adjustable workbench and a erfi ESD workbench as an electric-hydraulic height-adjustable workbench.


When choosing an ESD workbench, it is important to also consider the environmental factors in the ESD safe workplace. This includes the application of ESD safe work chairs, an ESD safe floor or ESD floor mat, and the use of ESD safe work clothes and ESD work shoes. In addition, the processing of electronic components and printed circuit boards must also be ESD safe, such as eg ESD safe storage & transport and packaging. Without paying attention to these issues, an ESD workbench loses its effectiveness.


We invite you to inform yourself about ESD workbenches via this website or to view our showroom. Do you want to know more about how to create a correct ESD safe workplace? Then contact elQuipTM


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