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elQuipTM supplies the complete range of ESD chairs or ESD work chairs from Bimos


ESD chairs, ESD work chairs, Antistatic chairs

ESD Chair ------ ESD work chair

elQuipTM supplies the complete range of ESD chairs from Bimos and therefore has an ergonomic ESD chair for every user application in the electronic industry and for every budget. An ESD chair produces significantly less static charge when used and efficiently removes it so that the risk of product damage is greatly reduced when working with sensitive electronics. Therefore ESD Chairs are aslo referred to as antistatic chairs. For an ESD chair, the diversion of electric charge takes place via the backrest, seat, gas spring and base to the wheels and further to the floor. Efficient removal of static charge only works if the ESD chair is used in an ESD-adapted environment, a so-called EPA (ESD Protected Area). The ESD chairs from Bimos more than meet the IEC61340-5-1 standard.


An ESD chair or antistatic chair provides reliable protection against electrostatic discharges for electronic workplaces. A "normal" work chair with plastic seat and backrest can generate static charges, but an ESD chair is covered with fabric that prevents the generation of static charge. Placed on a conductive floor or floor mat with earth connection, the ESD chair is grounded and static charge will drain off safely, you as a user will not notice this.


The development of Bimos chairs involves close collaboration with practitioners and experts, such as the German Fraunhofer Institute, and the work chairs are tested in the Bimos laboratory for a long time, until both safety and quality are guaranteed. The ESD chairs from Bimos are approved according to the IEC61340-5-1 standard plus the general standard for work chairs DIN68877, carry the GS mark and comply with DIN EN ISO9001. Bimos gives a 10-year warranty on every ESD chair.


We invite you to inform yourself via this website or to view our showroom, we have all Bimos ESD chair models our showroom. If you want to know more about Bimos work chairs, please contact elQuipTM.


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