Electronics work tables and electronics workbenches


elQuipTM supplies ESD-safe electronics work tables from the Flexiline and erfi brands (made in Germany)


Flexiline electronics work tables and electronics workbenches


Electronics work tables and electronics workbenches

elQuipTM supplies a wide range of electronics work tables from the Flexiline and erfi brands for various applications. Our work tables are standard height adjustable (range 20 to 40 cm), fitted with integral electrification options as standard and can be equipped with all kinds of accessories such as chests of drawers, shelves and tool boards, cable trays, electrical height adjustment, measuring console, etc. execution of each electronics work table can be precisely tailored to the wishes and requirements of the individual user.


We supply electronics work tables that are equipped with so-called C-legs. This guarantees the user optimum leg freedom and ergonomic comfort. Even when load capacity and stability are decisive, our electronics work table offers the perfect solution thanks to the welded steel frame. Flexiline tables can also be easily designed as electrically height-adjustable work tables and erfi tables as electric-hydraulic height-adjustable work tables.


Our ESD-safe electronic work tables are of course in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1 and additionally equipped with volume conductive work tops. The volume conductive worktops are grounded at the bottom in more than 10 locations so that an electrostatic discharge on the surface is effectively and locally discharged to the bottom of the worktop blade. In the case of a surface conducting worktop, the electrostatic charge will move across the surface to an earth point where electronic circuits on the table top can still come into contact with potential differences caused by the passing electrostatic charge. Although an ESD work table with surface conductive top can meet the IEC standard, this does not mean that your electronics are optimally protected. The IEC standard with regard to an ESD work table only speaks about simple surface and ground resistances or indirectly about the time frame required for the removal of a certain amount of electrostatic charge, but not about how this can be optimally achieved to protect your electronic circuits that are connected to can lie on the top of an ESD electronics work table. Due to a good dissipative resistance value coupled with a very homogeneous resistance, our volume of conductive worktops are superior for ESD electronics work tables.

However, it is also possible to deliver these tables in a non-ESD work table version if the available budget is limited.


Good lighting is essential when working with electronics. elQuipTM supplies specifically developed LED lighting for the substructure and optional portal lighting for every electronics worktable that can be used to obtain more than 3000 Lux at the workplace. In addition, elQuipTM supplies loose scissor arm lamps, with or without magnifying magnifier.


Based on our broad experience in workplace design, we can provide you with expert advice to find the most suitable and economical solution.


We invite you to inform yourself about our work table solutions via this website or to view our showroom. Contact elQuipTM.


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