The electronic multi-system elneos® five


erfi elneos five

The new innovative electronic multi-system elneos® five from erfi
The electronic device system erfi elneos five is distinguished by the 5-finger multi-touch control functions and the availability of 5 device groups in one, namely power supplies, digital multimeters, power / energy meters, function generators and arbitrary waveform generators.
In the basic system of erfi elneos five 5 to 7 devices / functions can be installed and 8 slots with up to 4 devices can be added. This way, a maximum of 32 devices can be controlled simultaneously. The fixed glass touchscreen of elneos five is equipped with capacitive touch technology. It is very stable, scratch-resistant, break-proof, imprint free (fingerprints) and vandal-proof. The visionary capacitive technology together with the combination of equipment and the modularity of elneos five make this system a unique measurement concept.
Erfi elneos five controls
multi-touch gestures
Numerous benefits speak for this new operating system philosophy. The entire front is designed as a capacitive glass touch sensor and thus mechanical wear is prevented. The bright 7 "multi-touch color display is operated with the movements of up to 5 fingers.
1- finger gesture: Device change, erase and type
2- finger gesture: Zoom, scroll etc
3- finger gesture: Select all devices at a glance
4-finger gesture: Enable Safe Guard function
5-finger gesture: Activate continuous measurement
Operational errors can be avoided because inadvertent contact with the other parts of the hand, for example, is interpreted as incorrect input. The 3D Wheel embedded in the glass allows intuitive operation. The color-illuminated capacitive sensor buttons provide optimal guidance for the user.
Erfi elneos five connector illumination

Connection contacts with RGB ring lighting

Bus contacts and BNC connections with ring lighting provide excellent user guidance and make the use of these contacts very easy. The RGB LEDs show, depending on the function and / or condition, the corresponding colors, for example red, blue or white.
The user is flawlessly guided to the correct port by color coding of the connections. This guarantees a very high level of security and virtually eliminates connection errors. The rings of the contacts flash white, red or blue when they can be used. The rings burn continuously, for example when power is being supplied. These display features are an active contribution to safety and are an invention of erfi. The safety bus connectors are flat and integrated into the special glass surface.
Erfi elneos five screen

High-performance devices

The erfi elneos five device can be operated in 3 different modes. In the single-mode company with one device function, the multi-mode company and in multi-expand-fashion company with additional 19 "device locks, erfi offers a great flexibility for working in modern laboratory environments.
erfi elneos® five offers the following possibilities:
- Precision controlled power supply with universal displays
- Graphic arbitrary generator
- Precision digital multimeter and universal tester
- Power and energy meter for mono phase
- 2 function generators in one, including frequency counter.
- Fast arbitrary function generator including 2 function generators and frequency counter

Elneos Five

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