The work table system erfi elneos® connect 


Erfi elneos connect work table
The work table system erfi elneos® connect
The new work table system erfi elneos® connect is distinguished by its built-in flexibility and modern presentation. erfi elneos® connect is timeless in its design and can be customized with various color accents.
The balanced profile system and the elneos® connect connector enable continuous cable routing and also the adjustment of the working height with a stable hydraulic height adjustment. Under the instrument panel is the green bridge (erfi Bridge) with various power and switching possibilities. The workplace lighting and an indication light are equipped with modern RGB LED technology and sensor technology.
erfi elneos connect profile

The profiles

The furniture series elneos® connect with its advanced aluminum profile system offers countless combination possibilities. The basis of the profile system is the L-profile. This basic profile is supplemented with other profiles, such as the Expand profile and the Telescope profile, and therefore elneos® connect offers a high degree of flexibility and freedom.
The profile system has five different profiles:
- L-Profile  (Table leg profile)
- Expand Profile 1 (Cable feed through profile)
- Expand Profile 2 (Cable feed through profile)
- Erfi Bridge
- Telescope Profile (Table height adjust profile)
Erfi elneos connector

The Connector

As a central part between the table leg and the frame, the connector links these parts via the L-profile. Through the connector, all possible cables etc between the table frame and table leg can be fed through the profile recesses. At the same time, the tabletop "floats" thanks to the connector above the chassis and gives the system a very high stability. The table legs can be adjusted with a limited height adjustment.
The connector is the core of the furniture system erfi elneos® connect and guarantees an uninterrupted cable entry between the table leg and table frame of the floor to all system components. The Expand 1 profiles with a swivel function to open them do not experience any interruption through the connector, resulting in an innovative cable penetration.
Erfi elneos connect lighting


The lighting of elneos® connect developed by erfi itself is based on the latest LED technology. On the bottom profile "Toplight" of the cockpit, the indication lighting is placed on the front in a round groove and the RGB LED illumination of the worktop concealed in a hollow room. The Toplight profile also enables LED lighting integrated into a shelf.
Premium-quality light
- High-performance RGB LEDs and white premium LEDs
- Contactless dimming and adjusting the light color
- RGB LEDs and white premium LEDs are individually adjustable
- Control of the light color using a memory function
- Color fastness and exceptionally good contrast
- Refreshing and shadow-free working
- Invisibly integrated in the "Toplight" profile
- Adjustable for optimum directional light
- Lifetime up to 50,000 hours and approx. 30% energy saving
- Control via I2C bus interface

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