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Flexiline basic 1200 UK

Flexiline basic 1200 UK

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: FLX12
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Flexiline base worktable 1200. 1.2m wide, 90cm deep, standard height adjustable, C-frame for maximum free legroom and coated with strong epoxy layer in the color RAL9002

Flexiline work tables are standard adjustable in height from 72 cm to 92 cm working height and equipped with a generous cable tray with space for 2 electrical blocks. The Flexiline worktable frame is composed of welded steel parts that guarantees maximum stability and stiffness. A Flexiline work table can be loaded up to 300kG. The design of Flexiline is very flexible so there are plenty of expansion options and accessories available, and international electrical standards (please contact our sales department). A Flexiline work table has a 10-year guarantee.