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Micastat® Dissipative Laminate, ESD Beige, 0.97mm x 0.76m x 3.0m

  • Please note: Micastat sheets will ship on a pallet
  • Dissipative High Pressure Thermoset Amino Resin Laminate
    Provides reliable path to ground and eliminates static charge generation when used as a worksurface.
  • Dissipative (< 1 x 109 ohms Rtg)
    Meets EN 61340-5-1 working surface required limit for contact with ESD susceptible items.
  • Dedicated Conductive Layer
    Allows the Micastat?? to be used with continuous monitors
  • Laminate to Wooden Tables or Bench Tops with Conventional Contact Adhesive
    Use as a replacement to an existing ESD laminate or convert a non-ESD worksurface to be used as an ESD worksurface.
  • Postforming Applications to a Minimum of 5/8" Radius
    Heat to 325?? (F) allowing a straight line bend to be made. Refer to TB-7047 for postforming instructions.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Exceeds NEMA LD 3-3.01 Standard
    Suitable for use as a bench top worksurface.
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant
  • Made in the United States of America

Download Document TB-7047 - Micastat® Dissipative Laminate - Installation and Maintenance

Download Document 90006.E - Micastat® Dissipative Laminate